Not dead yet

Hey, I'm still alive (yay!). Still in the hospital, but finally have limited internet access. I will try to get some stuff online this week though!

Basically, just like what happened 12 years ago to my left leg, I contracted necrotizing fasciitis again but in the right leg this time. Had a few surgeries on the leg, and there will be at least one more for a skin graft. Whee (he said sarcastically).

Thank you all for putting up with the lack of new content while I deal with this shit.


This is sucking more than the server issues...

So... I'm about to go into surgery for necrotizing fasciitis in just a bit. Content updates will be few and far between until I'm well enough to start posting new content. In a way it's like that constant phrase from the BSG reboot: all of this has happened before. But I sure hope it never happens again. (For relevance, I had the same surgery years ago on my other leg.)


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